Prep Sport Badges – Online Sport Tattoos

They don’t even hurt when you get them and unlike the thorn vine tattoo’s, not everyone including the toll booth collector can get them. They’re the Prep Sport Badges. We’ve got new ones coming out all the time but let’s take a look at what’s in the system now exclusively for you….the players. Basically, the Badges are there to put your own little mark on the site. If you’re a player, you’ll notice the spot right below your Player Profile video area. If you click on that space, a new page will pop up with different animated graphic rectangles…or badges. There are different badges specific to each sport which we’ll get into in a bit. They’re all animated and they’re meant to show a player’s attitude and sense of style. It’s like an online version of your AJ 4’s in black/cement. Some badges are based on certain achievements. Let’s start with the first one on the system. Exclusive Badges The Pioneer Badge. This is one of our exclusive badges for the first few people to sign for an account from a school, a league, or a team. Once those spots are filled up, the Pioneer Badge is gone. It’s a combination of a covered wagon and dragster and it shows that we will mish mash almost anything to make a point. There aren’t too many spots for the Pioneer Badge but many others are available. Let’s take a look. High School Football Badges As we mentioned above, the badges are by sport. For example, football has a whole slew of them and it’s increasing all the time. You’ll find some badges that are specific to a given position. For example, Shotgun is probably more of a quarterback badge while Fear and Loathing fits better with a linebacker unless you’re the running back or quarterback and you’re staring into those dark…angry eyes in the shadows of his helmet. We guess that goes both ways. You’ll find lots of badges each with it’s own design and animation. There’s Ice Pack or Mud Ball. Smelling Salts is one of our favorites. Again, these are specific to high school football. High School Basketball Badges There’s also a list of badges for high school basketball. Let’s hope that Posterize is you doing it and not it being done to you. Dirty South is one of our favorites because there’s nothing that says basketball like a mouth full of metal. Laimbeer is there for those old enough to remember how he was laying down fouls like he was swinging a side of beef. Go YouTube the bad boys of Detroit. Yea, he’s got your pivot foot. If we had to pick our 3rd favorite, it would go out to Thieve’s Den…a tribute to those players on the court who can practically read your mind and steal the pass. You can see it in their eyes…just waiting for you to try that pass. Props go out to the quickness. High School Baseball Badges Let’s not forget high school baseball or softball. You can almost smell the fresh cut grass in the spring air. It’s coming. The ritual is there and we have badges to capture this feeling of new prep sport baseball/softball action. Some badges are geared towards pitching such as Burn Notice or Cannon. Or course some are geared towards batting because let’s face it…that’s what we live for…that crack or ding of the bat like a piece of captured lightning on the field. Love it. Probably our favorite is Superstitious since we all have crazy notions on what’s responsible for that last shut out or triple-play. Let us know if there are any badges you would like to see. These things are fun so we’ll keep putting them out. You keep earning them. Published at:

Guns N’ Roses Tickets-Dr Pepper Offers a Rebuttal to Guns N’ Roses

The Dr Pepper-Guns N’ Roses saga continues! The famous rock band has been bad-mouthing the soda company after it failed to live up to its promise to give out free Dr Peppers on its website if GNR’s Chinese Democracy was released this year, and now Dr Pepper has responded to the band saying, “We are disappointed that Gn’R’s lawyers are turning a fun giveaway into a legal dispute.” The Dr Pepper Snapple group claims that GNR’s own Axl Rose and his management company approached the soda makers prior to the campaign, sharing promotional plans for Chinese Democracy, and not the other way around. According to, the statement reads: “We simply commented on the delayed release of Chinese Democracy and openly encouraged the band to release it before the end of the year. Axl even expressed support for our efforts earlier in the year.” Dr Pepper’s site experienced difficulties during the supposed free giveaway, but the company has since taken steps to ensure those fans who had difficulty obtaining their coupon for free soda will be drinking a cold Dr Pepper soon by adding a toll-free phone number, extending the deadline and offering free coupons well beyond the release date. The Dr Pepper Snapple group failed to formally apologize to the band, as GNR requested, but did say, “This was one of the largest responses we have ever received for a giveaway, and we’re happy we were able to satisfy the thirst of so many Dr Pepper fans. We wish Guns N’ Roses the best with their album.” It appears as if the matter is settled for now, although GNR doesn’t need help selling records! Check out for Guns N’ Roses tickets. Axl Rose and the rest of GNR have been making metal music since the 1980s after first coming together in 1985. Axl, Slash, Izzy Stadlin, Steven Adler and Duff McKagan signed with Geffen Records and released their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, in 1987. GNR’s single “Sweet Child O’ Mine” gained MTV play and “Welcome to the Jungle” solidified the band as a metal mainstay. Although GNR suffered internal issues, they remained popular well into the ‘90s thanks to hits like “Paradise City” and even managed to stay afloat during the emergence of grunge. Axl Rose left GNR in the late ‘90s as the rest of the band tried to fill his place fans wondered when they would hear more of their metal music. An album that would turn out to be Chinese Democracy was rumored to be in the works for several years, but it remained so much a mystery that in 2005 the New York Times dubbed the project “The Most Expensive Album Never Released.” Luckily for fans, the Times can now eat their words because GNR came back together for the release of Chinese Democracy in 2008. Now that GNR is back in business, you can’t miss your opportunity to see the band perform live! Get your Guns N’ Roses tickets today! Published at:

Effective Self Defense Weapons – Stun Guns And Taser Guns

While some people opt to learn self defense methods such as martial arts and other ways which involves physical contact, different firms are developing ways to use technology to help us protect ourselves from any criminal. With the development of taser guns and stun guns, we could now rely on modern gadgets to defend ourselves. These weapons have been a great help for both police officers and ordinary citizens. Crime rates could definitely be lessened and one of the best ways to do it is to use self defense weapons such as a stun gun or a taser gun. Criminals would definitely hesitate to rob or attack anyone knowing that any individual may possess weapons to protect themselves. The benefits provided by use of self-defense weapons could not be denied. Authorities would not need to resort to physical contact when subduing criminals and the use of real guns could be prevented. Taser and stun guns may prevent criminals from incurring permanent damage brought about by the use of firearms and violence. What these self defense weapons do is temporarily disable the movement of people. It can either be used from long or short distance. Though the use of taser and stun guns is very beneficial for everyone, people still need to keep in mind that it should only be used when necessary and it should be used properly. Are tasers legal? In some countries it is but in some it is not because there is always the danger of irresponsible usage of this self-defense weapon. For countries that allow the use of these weapons, there are regulations implemented to make sure that its use is under control. If used properly, these weapons are definitely very important. It is very handy and it is easy to use in different situations. It is very accessible too since a lot of shops sell them in many different countries and they are not that costly. For those who are planning to get one, make sure that it is for the right reasons and make sure to be very responsible owners of these weapons since it may cause a lot of complications if used otherwise. People these days sure have a lot of options when it comes to utilizing self defense methods. They can either learn martial arts, combat sports, or use modern self-defense weapons such as taser and stun guns. Technologies have really progressed a lot and so are the methods employed to help protect us from potentially harmful persons. Aside from learning to use all these aforementioned methods, it would still be a good idea to explore other ways. You can do further research to make sure that you are fully equipped with all the knowledge you need when it comes to self-defense. Published at:

Spray Paint Guns – HVLP Spray Guns & Siphon Style Guns

If you are looking for a course that will teach you the on spray paint guns, then you are in luck. You will find a DVD course that teaches you the 101 on spray paint guns and much more. You will also learn everything you need to know in order to paint a car like a professional. No longer will you be held hostage by the high prices of auto body shops. The following tips should impress upon you the basics of using your spray paint gun. You will have the choice of renting or buying a spray paint gun. Many auto body shops and stores will rent out their professional guns. Make sure to thoroughly inspect any gun you plan on renting as you do not know where it has been and how often it has been used. If you plan on making painting cars your profession or have a lot of auto body work to do, you will likely want to purchase your own gun. While there are many models of spray paint gun available with prices ranging from very expensive to dirt cheap, it is best to invest in a high quality model manufactured by a reputable company. These will often last much longer and be more reliable than cheaper models. Then your gun will require an air compressor. Make sure to use a clean and dry source of air as any dirt or debris particles will end up in your paint. You will also want to make sure to apply your paint at the right PSI setting. This will be labeled on your paint. Not doing so can ruin your new coats. Want To Learn a Little About Automotive Spray Paint Guns – HVLP Spray Guns & Siphon Style Guns? See, back in the day the most common paint guns used were all siphon style guns. You know, like the gun that was talked about in this video above with the cup actually below the spray nozzle. They worked great but they were not the most efficient guns in the market. As time went on a new style of gun came out which was called the HVLP gravity feed gun. Gravity feed basically means (gravity pulls the paint down into the neck of the gun). The nozzle and air cap pressure ratios were reinvented to be very efficient using less paint and having much less over spray. Now we have disposable cups like the DeVILBISS DeKUPS for the HVLP spray guns. This is NOT a necessary upgrade, but it makes cleaning much easier. Disposable Paint Cups I will be doing a live video review on these kups very soon so be on the lookout for it. When they first came out I thought who would waist money and buy these things… but as time went on I found myself buying them and actually using them on occasion. You can mix paint in them because they are clear which makes measuring easy, plus they can also be cleaned and used a few times before tossing them out. Not only do they fit their own line DeVilbiss but they sell adapters for most of the common guns like SATA and Iwata. I’m sure the adapters will fit most 99% of guns as the threads are mostly the same. In all, if you’re planning to get into automotive painting and graphic design you may want to look into a HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun and perhaps even get a DeKups starter kit which includes a bunch of kups and accessories to get started with the system for under $25.00. I will soon post a link here for you to fund the best places to get them online and possibly with FREE shipping to your door. Published at:

Relishing the Sport With Excellent Paintball Guns

At this time in time, a lot of people barely care about spending weekends residence. The concept simply make them terrified actually. As much as possible, people, specifically younger professionals, would rather go on outings or get involved in various activities that may keep their imagination off of duties. One of the greatest fads today is usually to participate in challenging athletics or passions. Whenever speaking about excessive sporting activities and pastimes, paintball always makes it to the list. This induces almost every advernture-seeker to drop by stores and purchase their very own paintball guns. Only a caution though, if you are a new participant, you need to know the kind of gun to acquire. The wrong marker will not be helpful in your game and will also simply be a waste of money. The particular paintball clip or barrel is where the paintballs are removed therefore it is very important to the surface of the clip or barrel being kept clean as well as well finished otherwise, rubbing will certainly occur involving the gun barrel as well as the paintball game and definitely will cause the gun’s performance being utterly disgusting. The components of the barrels differs consequently there is no clear-cut recognized standard concerning what type is the most suitable to work with and which isn’t. The manufacturers often choose the material therefore individuals would not have that much of a say. Having said that, as a general rule, metal is a great option. The size of the gun barrel is yet another huge element to consider when you buy paintball guns. The longer the barrel is, the more friction there will be involving the paintball and also the gun barrel so there’ll be more strain needed to drive the paintball out of the kegs. The normal length of the barrel really should be 12-15 inches. The porting is a opening of the gun barrel which most of the people confuse for a factor that can make the paintball marker shoot better. Paintballs need some time to quicken so there’s no point in thinking that the shorter gun barrel does not match a quicker shot. The porting is helpful and won’t decrease the speed of the ball down. It really enhances the accuracy of the shot simply by equalizing pressure on both sides in the ball. The powerful barrels just have just one band of loopholes in the end of the barrel. These function as a silencer of the sound of your shooting and reduce the friction without the need of reducing the shot’s strength. The markers vary in proportions, condition and material thus you have to have keen view when choosing one towards the counter. If you would like not to shell out a great deal, you have markers that may be improved so there is no need to stick to the aged and antique operation if has. There’s also add-ons that might be added to the gun. The electric powered time has also absorbed the paintball scene because there are electronic markers come with hair triggers for more exact velocities, low gas pressure and customized firing. Purchasing very good paintball guns will prove to be really of great help for your game yet again there is an principle which often characteristics you ought to root for, you won’t be wasting your money at the same time. Published at: